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News : SEA News

Arthayasa Sporthorse Open: A Precious 0.43 Second for Poloumieva

May 11, 2009

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With her horse 'Kairo', Alla Poloumieva clear the course designed by Olaf Petersen.

3A, Alla, Adi and Andry Adi are the top three in the Class S in Arthayasa Sporthorse Open, Saturday, May 9, 2009. In the championship which took place in the Arthayasa stable, Cinere, Depok, West Java, Alla Poloumieva succeed to be the best in the highest class on Saturday.

Poloumieva, a Singaporean rider, with 'Kairo' clear the course with 125-130cm fences designed by Olaf Petersen  without any error. Polumieva from Arthayasa touching the finish line with the record time 67.26 seconds.

"The competition is quite heavy. The other boys are very experienced athletes. Today Kairo  is also very super. I am lucky to have a horse like her, " praised Poloumieva on the 13 years old mare.

Adi Katompo from JPEC Sentul came second. With his horse '3K Yasmina', they only 0.43 seconds slower than Poloumieva. Adi and Yasmina also successfully  had a clear round. Andry Prasetyono with 'Giorgio' from Aswatama Stables came third, left all the fences in place but with slower time, 76.46 seconds.

"I just out of luck. I enter the arena in front of the others so that there is no standard time to catched. And don't forget, today is Yasmina's first  in 130cm class. Tomorrow in Indonesian Grand Prix class hopefully more luck is coming, "said Adi.

S Class
1. Alla Poloumieva/Kairo/Arthayasa (0 /67,26)
2. Adi Katompo/3K Yasmina/JPEC (0/67,69)
3. Andry Prastyono/Giorgio/Aswatama (0/76,46)

M Class (115-120cm)
1. Joko Susilo/La Costa/Trijaya (4/66,22)
2. Reshi Radinal/Arthayasa Laluna/Arthayasa 4/67,90)
3. Ardi Hapsoro Hamidjojo/Calvados/Trijaya (6/84,35)

L Class (105-110cm)
1. Bibit Sucipto/Salvador/Pegasus (0/48,04)
2. Lavinia Iskandar/ La Luna H2/Dwima Turangga (0/50,16)
3. Prasetiono Sumiskum/Mambo Chacha/Mara Polo (0/52,63)

Young Master-Junior (105-110cm)
1. Matthew Muliadi/Moko Star/Trijaya (0/45,05)
2. Dennis Christian/Tag Heuer/Arthayasa (0/51,90)
3. Markel Lumentah/Oliver/Intan Sakti (4/52,44)

B Class 90-100cm)
1. Alyssa Prameswari/Raffles/Gading Equestrian (0/45,63)
2. Marco Momuat/Capuccino/Trijaya (0/46,27)
3. Lavinia Iskandar/Iceberg/Dwima (0/46,48)

Preliminary Horse (70-90cm)
1. Andri Rahmat/Admiral/Dwima (0/22,26)
2. Reshi Radinal/Arthayasa Enya (0/50,63)
3. Poultje Wowiling/Shooting Star/Pegasus Stables (0/24,41)
4. Sara Jane Wagg/Silver/JPEC Sentul (0/57,59)

Preliminary Rider-Senior (70-90cm)
1. Cahyadi/Eldorado/Aswatama (0/47,31)
2. Sherri McKibben/Bazooka/Arthayasa (0/47,56)
3. Nyla Sudarmadi/APM Blue Ivor/APM (4/44,75)

Young Horse Championship (70-90cm)
1. Raymen Kaunang/APM Jayantara/APM (0/55,20k)
2. Steven Manayang/Zinnie/BEC (0/54,37)
3. Wempy Kaunang/King Stone/Dwima Turangga (0/54,29)

Future Talent Search (70-90cm)
1. Riko Sukarmo/Sri Dewi/Balaturangga (0/54,00)
2. Nara Radinal/Tag Heuer/Arthayasa (0/51,12)
3. Jas McKibben/Camial/Arthayasa (4/44,96)

Beginner Rider-Senior (50-70cm)
1. Letkol Kav. Joni Nainggolan/Tensis/Balaturangga
2. Mugiyanto/Tigger/JPEC Sentul
3. Housni DN/Galaxi Spirit/Mandiri Stables
4. Galih Rasiono/Gallant Blast/Mandiri Stables

Beginner Rider-Junior (50-70cm)

1. Bayu/Tensis/Balaturangga
2. Dinda/Mawar Sharon/Balaturangga
3. Jannette Rasmussen/Tigger/JPEC Sentul

Little Stars (50-70cm)
1. Siobhan Beatty/Whiskey/JPEC Sentul
2. Marco Wowiling/Adam/Pegasus Stables
3. Samara Hutabarat/Action Star/Gading Equestrian

Starter Rider-Senior (30-50cm)
1. Mayor Kav. Hendi Suhendi/Tusankate/Balaturangga
2. Anton Koyong/Happy/Pegasus Stables
3. Praka Dwi Nurohmat/Sri Dewi/Balaturangga

Starter Rider-Junior (30-50cm)
1. Dinda/Tensis/Balaturangga
2.Thania Anggraini/Mustang/Trijaya
3. Joshua/Bougenvile/Balaturangga

Starter Rider-Children (30-50cm)
1. Aji/Tangkuban Perahu/Balaturangga
2. Siobhan Beatty/Whiskey/JPEC Sentul
3. M Adam Firdaus/Candy/Cimatis Stables

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